Carpet Care & Maintenance

Maintaining your carpet will ensure that your floors consistently look great and perform well. 

Basic Carpet Care

Carpet will require routine care and maintenance to look great and perform well as the years pass. 

The easiest way to guarantee that your carpet remains beautiful is to invest in a vacuum and put it to use regularly. By vacuuming your carpet fibers, you are working to remove dirt, dust, and other debris that accumulate. The debris can, if left untreated, damage the fibers of your flooring and lead to premature aging.  How often you vacuum will depend on the foot traffic within the rooms in question. In general, plan on doing so 1-2 times per week. 

You might also consider entry mats near the doors of your home as well as encouraging guests to remove their shoes before walking across your carpet. 

Learn more about stain and spill treatment for your carpet below. 

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Dealing With Spills & Messes

Carpet can be vulnerable to spills and stains, so remaining diligent when accidents occur is essential to promoting long-term beauty in your carpet. 

For solid messes, a vacuum should be used to address the substance(s) immediately. The longer you wait to address the solid mess, the more likely it is that lingering damage will occur to your carpet. 

Liquid spills can result in stains, so it's important to act fast when an accident happens. The longer you wait to address liquid spills or messes, the more likely it is to lead to a stain. Treat a liquid spill by obtaining a clean cloth and absorbing the substance before using another cloth to blot out the mess with cold water.

When in doubt, consult your manufacturer.