Hardwood Flooring Is Forever

Direct Flooring Center has installed hardwood flooring in a lot of homes in the Corvallis OR area. It’s very likely that in a hundred years, we’ll still be installing hardwood flooring.

Most in the flooring business agree that hardwood flooring is forever. It’s a flooring material that will never go out of style.

Why is that? Why is hardwood flooring so popular?

For one, it’s wood. Who doesn’t like wood?

Hardwood flooring comes in a variety of styles and colors. Regardless of your personal aesthetic, there’s a type of hardwood flooring that’s right for you.

Two, it’s a flooring material that’s durable, easy to clean, and if something does happen to it, you can easily refurbish it.

Hardwood flooring can be expensive, but look at what you get for your money. You get a beautiful floor that will last for decades.

That’s another quality people like about hardwood flooring. Its patina. In many ways, hardwood flooring looks better with age.

Other benefits of hardwood flooring:

  • Does not trap allergens
  • Does not absorb odors
  • Easy to maintain
  • Made from sustainable natural resources
  • Increases your home’s value

If you think hardwood flooring is right for your Corvallis OR home, contact Direct Flooring Center today. We can help you select, and install, quality hardwood flooring in your home.

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Choosing Which Rooms Deserve Carpet

Direct Flooring Center wants to help you carpet every room in your Corvallis OR home. Well, maybe not every room, but as many as you want.

What rooms should you carpet and what rooms should you not carpet?

It’s your home. You can install as much or as little carpet as you’d like.

After all, carpet technology has improved over the years. You can now install carpet in just about any room in your home and get performance.

Living Room Carpet in Corvallis ORStill, you probably want to know what rooms are traditionally carpeted and which ones are not.

There are obvious choices at both extremes. Bedrooms are great candidates for carpet. Kitchens are not.

Living rooms, bonus rooms, and hallways can go either way. It depends on how much foot traffic you have, your lifestyle, and your preferences.

You’ll have a decision to make about a den or office, especially if the room doubles as a guest bedroom.

Bathrooms are generally not carpeted due to the water factor. Yet, there are carpets specifically designed for bathrooms.

If you’re considering carpet for your Corvallis OR home, contact Direct Flooring Center today. We are family-owned and operated and we’ve been serving Oregon since 1996.

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Summer-Proofing Your Home’s Floors

Direct Flooring Center serves homeowners in Salem OR and we love summer. It’s a time for barbecues, swimming, and playing outdoors. Unfortunately, those fun activities can be hard on your home’s floors as you may track higher volumes of dirt inside and make more trips in and out.

Below, Direct Flooring Center offers four tips on how to summer-proof your home’s floors.

New Flooring

The best way to summer-proof your home’s floors is to install new carpet, hardwood, and/or laminate. Direct Flooring Center has a waterproof carpet that allows stains to be easily wiped up.

Hardwood is durable, attractive, and favored by potential home buyers. Laminates are great for bonus rooms.

Plastic Mats and Runners

To protect your carpet, consider plastic mats and runners. They make cleaning spills a breeze. After your party, roll them up and place in your garage.

Throw Rugs

Summer-proof your hardwood and laminate flooring with throw rugs. They don’t need to be expensive. Consider cheap white rugs and dying them a hue that matches your home’s color palette.

Invest in Your Outdoor Recreation Space

Protect your flooring by keeping your guests outside. You’ll reduce a lot of foot traffic if your visitors don’t have to come inside for food, beverages, or entertainment.

If you want to summer-proof your home in Salem OR by installing new carpet, hardwood, or laminate, contact Direct Flooring Center today!

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On Your Vacation, Put Our Floor Installers to Work

Direct Flooring Center has two questions to ask you. Are you planning to get new flooring for your Corvallis OR home anytime soon, and are you planning to take a vacation this summer?

If you answered yes to both of our questions, consider putting our floor installers to work while you and your family are on vacation.

It’s not the biggest inconvenience in the world, but having new flooring installed in your Corvallis Oregon home can be bothersome.

Living Room Hardwood Flooring Corvallis OREven the friendly and professional installers employed by Direct Flooring Center can intrude on your daily routine. Not to mention, the upheaval of having your home’s floors removed.

More than likely, some of your furniture will be displaced. If you’re having your kitchen floors redone, you’ll be unable to prepare meals while they work.

Avoid all these inconveniences by scheduling the installation of your new flooring during your family vacation. By doing so, you’ll avoid the hassle, mess, and frustrations that come with home renovations.

Best of all, you’ll have something to look forward to when you return home. Just think of how exciting it will be to be greeted by brand new hardwood floors and/or freshly laid carpet!

To learn more about new flooring for your Corvallis OR home, including having the installation done while you’re on vacation, contact Direct Flooring Center today!

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Selecting Window Coverings Is Easier Than You Think

Selecting window coverings for your Eugene Oregon home is easier than you might think. Window coverings intimidate home owners because of the plethora of available styles, the difficulty in measuring windows, and the expense.

To make the process of selecting window coverings as easy as possible, begin by asking yourself a question, “What do you want your window coverings to do?”

Do you want window coverings to block out light, reduce noise, provide privacy, or brighten up a drab room? Your answer gives you a place to start.


Blinds are usually an inexpensive option and ideal for blocking out light. The downside to blinds is they can seem unattractive to some.

Graber Roller Shade Window Coverings Eugene ORSoft Treatments

Soft treatments are made from fabric and come in three main types: roller, Roman, and cellular. These types of window coverings, if properly installed, can help lower your energy bill.


There are many choices when it comes to curtains. While it takes a bit of expertise to hang them, they can be a bold design choice and make a room appear taller and more appealing.

Measuring windows can be tricky. Experts recommend that you consult a professional, like Direct Flooring Center, for assistance. Incorrectly measuring your windows can be very costly.

For help with selecting and installing window coverings in your Eugene OR home, contact Direct Flooring Center today.

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Sell Your Home Faster with New Flooring

New flooring can help sell your Eugene OR home. If you want buyers to make an offer sooner, rather than later, consider visiting Direct Flooring Center and replacing your old flooring with new.

When you look at your flooring in your current home, what do you see? Do you see stains and worn patches?

Or, are you too afraid to look down because you might see another blotch or blemish? Are you afraid that the rip, or loose plank, or peel in the corner has gotten worse?

If you’re afraid to look down, imagine what a potential buyer will think. Your home is in a nice neighborhood, and it has good bones, but your old flooring might dissuade potential buyers from giving it serious consideration.

In a perfect world, stained flooring wouldn’t stop anyone from buying your home. After all, the new owners can just go to Direct Flooring Center and have your old flooring replaced.

Unfortunately, many interested buyers don’t see potential. Therefore, consider not waiting around for a buyer with vision. Replace your old flooring and show potential buyers just how great your home can look.

Direct Flooring Center can help you through the entire process. Our selection and prices are the best. We are locally owned and we offer financing.

If you want to replace your old flooring in your Eugene OR home, contact Direct Flooring Center today.

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New Floors Will Impress Old Friends at Your Summer Parties

New floors will impress old friends at your summer parties. To make that happen come see Direct Flooring Center, your flooring experts in Corvallis OR.

Direct Flooring Center has the best prices and selection. We carry hardwood, carpet, vinyl, and laminate flooring.

Summer is approaching and chances are good you’ll be entertaining friends and family. Even if the weather is nice, they’ll probably still spend considerable time in your home.

When you look down at your floors, do you smile? Do you want your friends and family to smile too?

You can create some smiles by visiting Direct Flooring Center and upgrading to new floors for your home. Our staff is very helpful and will work with you through the entire process of selecting, buying, and installing floors.

Living room flooring in Corvallis ORIf you’re tired of avoiding rooms because of ugly floors, and weary of placing furniture over stains, then visit Direct Flooring Center.

Make sure you inquire about waterproof carpet. Waterproof carpet is cutting edge and great for homes with kids and pets.

It’s also good for hosting guests. Spilled drinks don’t stain waterproof carpet. They wipe right up.

Direct Flooring Center is locally owned and we offer financing.

Don’t let another summer go by with unimpressive floors. Contact Direct Flooring Center today for a friendly flooring retailer in Corvallis Oregon.

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Window Coverings Can Help Sell Your Home

Don’t overlook your window coverings if you’re trying to sell your Salem Oregon home. Quality window treatments can help you properly stage your home and impress potential buyers.

Here are several suggestions on how the right window coverings can help you sell your home.

  • Window Graber Window Coverings Salem ORcoverings provide privacy.
  • Buyers like big windows and window coverings can help windows look bigger.
  • Window coverings also make rooms look larger.
  • If you have two windows in the same room that don’t match, windows treatments can add symmetry.
  • Do you have an unsightly view? Hide the ugly vista with some window coverings.
  • Window coverings can soften rooms, especially kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Window coverings can help highlight a room’s color scheme.
  • Do you have a room that’s a bit drab? Add some pop with some dramatic window coverings.
  • Many of our suggestions deal with hiding a negative, but the right window coverings can also accentuate a positive like a fabulous architectural feature.

Direct Flooring Center has a great selection and great prices. We offer professional installation and financing.

Our staff will work with you from start to finish. We care about you, your home, and your window coverings.

If you need window coverings for your Salem OR home, contact Direct Flooring Center today!

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4 Reasons to Replace Your Carpet

In this article, Direct Flooring Center, your flooring and carpet experts in Corvallis Oregon, offer four reasons to replace your carpet.

Living room carpet in CorvallisYour carpet is old. If you can’t remember when your carpet was installed, you have a reason to replace it. Carpet doesn’t last forever. Even if properly cared for, carpet only lasts about a decade.

Your carpet has an odor. Carpet odor doesn’t always require a carpet replacement, but if you’ve had your carpets professionally cleaned and the smell remains, it may be time to consider swapping it out for something new and fresh.

You have increased allergy symptoms. Old carpet retains more allergens than any new carpet will harbor. If you’ve noticed an increase in your allergy symptoms, there’s another reason to replace the old carpeting.

You need new padding. Padding is the cushion directly underneath your carpet that gives it a soft spring when stepped on.  Padding also helps to absorb sound and improve insulation. If your padding has deteriorated due to age or heavy use, it may be time to consider replacing the flooring and padding underneath.

Further, when you spill something on your carpet, it’s likely to seep into the padding. You can clean your carpet, but it’s difficult to clean the padding below.

Here are two bonus reasons. Obviously, you might want to consider removing your carpet if it’s stained and/or badly worn.

If you’re ready to replace your flooring and carpet in your Corvallis Oregon home, contact Direct Flooring Center today for a consultation.

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Window Coverings That Cover All the Seasons

What kind of window coverings do you have in your Salem Oregon home? In this article, Direct Flooring Center looks at window coverings that are not only energy efficient but energy efficient all year round.

Graber window coverings at Direct Flooring Center

Graber window coverings at Direct Flooring Center


Drapes may seem a little old fashioned, but if they are designed and installed correctly, they are great window coverings for both winter and summer.

Closed medium-colored drapes, with a white plastic backing, can decrease solar heat gain up to 33 percent. During cold spells, they can reduce a room’s heat loss by ten percent.


Consider installing shades as close to the window as possible. Contemplate having the sides of your shades lined with different colored fabrics—one light and one dark. Have the “light side” facing outside during the summer and the “dark side” facing outside during the winter.

Like drapes, shades decrease solar heat gain in the summer and reduce a room’s heat loss in the winter.

Roof Overhangs

Roof overhangs are like awnings except they are more of an extension of your roof. This type of “window covering” may not work for every home, but if they do, they save energy and make a great statement.

A properly designed roof overhang will block the sun in the summer and allow desirable heat to warm your home in the winter.  To ensure the overhang is properly designed, think about consulting an architect.

To learn more about year-round window coverings for your Salem Oregon home, contact Direct Flooring Center.

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