Happy Halloween From Direct Flooring Center

Halloween Flooring Bend OregonDirect Flooring Center would like to send out wishes for a Happy Halloween to all of our followers.

We are your local, friendly Oregon flooring experts. We have convenient locations in Bend, Albany, and Eugene and also provide services to Corvallis, Lebanon, Redmond, and Salem. Not only do we specialize in carpet and flooring options, but we also supply window treatments!

Here at Direct Flooring Center, we’re happy to work with home owners and contractors alike! 

We especially love working with people that own their home, or perhaps have just purchased their new house, and who are looking to replace the carpeting or flooring or do a full renovation to give the house a new feel. We have professional design consultants that work with our clients to find a great carpet or flooring option to compliment an existing decor or create a stunning new one. Also, click here for information on our Shop At Home program!

Contractors appreciate working with us because we have a huge selection of carpet and flooring options and phenomenal pricing! We purchase direct from the mills and pass those savings on to our customers.

So if you own an Oregon home that could stand to have new flooring put in, or if you’re a contractor and want to know how Direct Flooring Center can satisfy your flooring needs, contact us today!

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Are Your Corvallis Carpets Ready For The Rain?

Here in Corvallis Oregon, it rarely gets below freezing. That being the case, the winter wet season really is very wet! We see a lot of rain and not a lot of snow. We’re solidly into the fall season now so that rain will be here before you know it!

Take a moment to assess your carpet and flooring in your home. It may be time to replace those carpets before the rains really set in! Did you know that Direct Flooring Center, your Corvallis OR carpet and flooring professionals, have an amazing waterproof carpet option that would be great for a Corvallis home!?

In fact, Direct Flooring Center has one of the largest inventory for carpet in the region! Plus, we buy direct from the mills and pass our savings on to our customers, so you’re sure to find a great carpet option for your home and at a price that will surely make you smile.

And, on top of all those benefits, Direct Flooring Center also has professional design consultants to walk you through the process of selecting an option that will really make you smile! We can match or create any decor!

So contact us today at Direct Flooring Center and see how we can help prepare your Corvallis OR home for the impending rainy season.

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Are Your Floors Ready For Holiday Traffic?

Flooring Eugene OregonThe holiday season is right around the corner! Take a look around your Eugene Oregon home, are your floors ready for all the traffic this holiday season? Maybe it’s time to consider a flooring renovation or replacement if your floors aren’t looking as good as they once did.

Direct Flooring Center can help! We’re your local Eugene Oregon flooring experts and we have a great selection of flooring options at fantastic prices. We offer carpet, laminates, hardwood, vinyl, marmoleum, and tile options. We buy direct from the suppliers so that we can pass our savings on to our clients.

It is top priority for Direct Flooring Center to be sure that you’re happy with the service that we provide and the quality of the product that we offer. If you’re ready for a flooring remodel or replacement, let us visit you free of charge to discuss details and give an estimate on pricing so that you know what to expect.

With our Shop At Home program, you can even request that we bring along our ‘mobile showrooms’ and we can go over samples and options right from the comfort of your own home. Our professional design consultants will answer all your questions and ensure that you come out with a fabulous new look in your Eugene Oregon home.

Contact us today to get started! We’ll work quickly and efficiently, but you’ll still want to get this project going so that we can finish before your holiday social agenda really kicks into gear!

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Direct Flooring Center: Top Quality Flooring and Window Treatments for Corvallis

Flooring Corvallis OregonDirect Flooring Center is your local Corvallis OR flooring and window treatment professionals. We offer a fantastic selection of flooring and window treatment options and at a great price point.

Flooring Options

At Direct Flooring Center, we take pride in offering a huge selection of different types of flooring. No matter your tastes or budget, we’ve got options for you!

  • Carpet
  • Hardwood
  • Laminates
  • Marmoleum
  • Vinyl
  • Rugs

All of our flooring options are top quality and we even have professional design consultants to help choose your new look!

Window Treatments

All of our window treatment options are manufactured by Graber which is a registered trademark of Springs Window Fashions. This company has been offering beautiful, sturdy, and functional window treatments for over seventy years! Roller shades, pleated shades, wood blinds, and shutters are just some of the selection of window treatments available to Corvallis OR through Direct Flooring Center.

Utilize our Shop At Home program and you can go through the entire process from the comfort of your own living room. We’ve invested in a fleet of vans which we call our ‘mobile showrooms’ that are stocked with samples of all of our flooring options! Contact us online or visit us today at one of our convenient retail locations if you’re ready to give your Corvallis OR home a beautiful makeover!

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Hardwood is Great for Fall

Take a look around your Lebanon Oregon home. Do your existing floors and/or carpeting need to be replaced after a busy summer season? Direct Flooring Center is your local flooring experts and we’d like to discuss why fall is a great time to consider a flooring remodel.

Professionally installed hardwood floors are a timeless classic that your family can enjoy for years to come!

Hardwood floors add value to your home and can last a lifetime. With proper and simple maintenance, you won’t need to replace them again next fall, or at all, as they’ll likely last the life of your home.

With their classic look, it is easy to see why hardwood flooring is the most popular hard flooring option. It is also available in a large selection of styles and colors- do you prefer the fresh feel of a blonde colored hardwood or the classic elegance of a rich chocolate hardwood? Both have their place and can look fantastic in your Lebanon Oregon home.

Direct Flooring Center can help you decide which flooring option is best for your home. We have professional design consultants that will come to your home and go over the pros and cons of the different flooring options with you.

You can get a jump start on the process by checking out this blog post on the ABCs of hardwood flooring. Contact us today if you’d like to work with the flooring professionals for your Lebanon Oregon home.


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Is Your Corvallis Home Ready for the Rains?

Living Room Carpet in Corvallis OR

Living Room Carpet in Corvallis ORDirect Flooring Center wants to help you make sure your Corvallis Oregon’s home is ready for the upcoming rainy season. We are the carpet experts in Corvallis and we can help you with a smooth carpet replacement or remodel if your floors could use some extra help getting prepped for all the moisture.

We’ve already seen a good bit of rain in the past couple weeks and this is a good indication that we may be in for a pretty wet winter.

Direct Flooring Center has professionally trained design consultants to help you decide which rooms in your home are good candidates for carpet. And we have a huge selection of choices when it comes to carpeting a home in Corvallis- we even have waterproof carpet options!

Carpet is the most versatile floor covering option due to the large range of available styles, colors, textures, and constructions. If you want carpet in every room of your home, we can make that happen, and make it look good!

Of course, most homes have a mixture of some rooms with carpet and some rooms with a hard surface flooring. Just take into consideration all of the rain that is headed our way over the next 8 months and give some serious thought to replacing your carpets to keep your home looking fabulous.

So if you’re ready to work with the carpet experts in the Corvallis Oregon area, contact Direct Flooring Center today to get the process started!

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Holiday Parties Are Just Around The Corner!

carpet Bend OregonThe first day of fall is just about here and it’s never too early to start preparing for the holidays! If you know you’ll have an active social agenda this holiday season in Bend OR, give some consideration to replacing your carpets right now so that you can be sure to show off the best flooring possible to your guests!

Direct Flooring Center is one of Bend Oregon’s finest carpet and flooring retailers, and we’ve got a great selection of carpet options that will be sure to please this upcoming season.

Carpet is easily one of the most popular and versatile flooring options available. There’s no limit to how you can enhance a room, or your entire home, through the use of some of our different carpet options. And, if you’re not sure where to start, Direct Flooring Center is happy to help with a free consultation with a professional design consultant.

With Direct Flooring Center’s Shop at Home Program, you can go over all the options with one of our design consultants, right in the comfort of your own home. You’ll be able to compare samples and see what each option would look like in that specific space.

We can make the process of replacing the carpet in your Bend OR home be painless for you and your wallet. Contact us today at Direct Flooring Center if you’re ready to get your carpets in tip top shape for your upcoming holiday parties!

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A Few Reasons Why COREtec is Great for Corvallis OR Homes

vinyl flooring Corvallis OregonCorvallis Oregon, like most of the state, is outdoorsy and rugged, yet carries sophisticated culture. COREtec, a luxury vinyl flooring option offered through Direct Flooring Center, is just the right floor for a renovation on your Corvallis OR home.

COREtec is durable and sturdy, yet refined and beautiful. This material comes in a large variety of colors and styles and can be matched to any decor.

For added benefit and value, COREtec is one of Direct Flooring Center’s most popular waterproof flooring options. This makes it a great selection for any home in the Pacific Northwest. We are known to get just a bit of rain every year (wink, wink), so a waterproof option is great.

As a rigid material, COREtec is also easy to install in any space with very little prep work needed. It won’t show any imperfections in the sub-flooring the way some other flooring options might. It is also lined with a cork underlayment that helps insulate the flooring.

Have we convinced you to give COREtec a shot? If you’re ready to talk with the Corvallis OR flooring specialists about a COREtec renovation, contact Direct Flooring Center today! You’ll be glad you did!

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Direct Flooring Center on the ABC’s of Hardwood Flooring

It’s back to school time for your kids. Direct Flooring Center, serving homeowners in the Redmond Oregon area, wants to take you back to school too.

Don’t worry, there won’t be any books, tests, or No. 2 pencils to buy. Direct Flooring Center just wants to tell you about the ABC’s of hardwood flooring.

Adds Value – Hardwood flooring adds value to your home. Ask any real estate agent and they will likely tell you that homes with hardwood flooring usually sell faster and for more money than homes without hardwood flooring.

Beautiful for Years –  Hardwood flooring looks beautiful and can stay that way for decades. They can be refinished to account for excessive use or to a different style if your tastes change. Even better, hardwood flooring doesn’t trap mold spores, dust, or other allergens and they are very easy to clean.

Carbon Negative – Hardwood flooring is all-natural and doesn’t leave a carbon footprint. It’s free of toxic emissions like nitrogen oxides and methane.  Furthermore, it’s a sustainable material. Trees that provide hardwood flooring grow faster than they are harvested.

Now that you know the basics, contact Direct Flooring Center to learn more about adding hardwood flooring to your Redmond Oregon home. We offer the best price and selection, the friendliest service, and quality installation.

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Back to School Time for The Kids, Back to Floor Time for You

Direct Flooring Center in Eugene Oregon offers the best price, the largest selection, and top-notch installation. Our customer service is second to none and our estimates are always free.

Now that it’s back to school time, you can turn your attention back to your flooring.

With your floors another summer older, your kids away at school, and the holidays just around the corner, it’s the perfect time for a home renovation. Begin your renovation by visiting Direct Flooring Center.

You might have been thinking about replacing your flooring back in the spring. Then, summer sneaks up, your schedule fills, and before you can put away the wading pool, it’s autumn.

With the kids out of the house for most of the day, you can once again focus your attentions on replacing your flooring.

Direct Flooring Center is a full service flooring company. We sell carpet, hardwood, laminates, marmoleum, and vinyl and our inventory is huge. For example, we have over one million square feet of carpet in stock. If we don’t have what you need, we can always order it for you.

Our experienced and friendly staff will help you sift through all your flooring options. We can help you pick a material, and a manufacturer, that appeals to your tastes and suits your family’s lifestyle.

To select new flooring for your Eugene Oregon home, contact Direct Flooring Center today.

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